How To Invest In The Stock Market Without Losing Money

Do you wish you could capture the future growth of the major world markets with zero risk of losing money?Well, this article reveals how to do exactly that.The stock market has been one wild ride since 2008. After a 20-year bull run, a huge 50% drop in 2007/2008 wiped out trillions of dollars of wealth in just over a year’s time. It was gut-wrenching to say the least. A few people even committed suicide over it. Then in just a few months, the markets grew by more than 20%.Now, three years later, we’re getting close to where the market was at the beginning of 2008… but we’re still seeing way too many days where the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA or the “Dow”) rises and falls by more than 300 points in a single day.It’s enough to make you want to just “get out”… park your money in a CD, and move on. But when you are only getting maybe a half a percent from savings and money market accounts, it just seems like there has to be a better alternative… and there is… using what I call “Zero Loss” investing.There are several “Zero Loss” investment alternatives available and each type is a little bit different; in this article, I will focus on the advantages, disadvantages, and how they work in general.How Zero Loss Investments WorkIn most cases, these types of investments are contracts or certificates of deposit (CD’s) offered by banks where you invest your money for a period of months or years. When the contract or CD matures, you get back your original investment plus a percentage (which can be more than 100%) of the growth of the market index or indices. If the index (or indices) have a net loss, you simply get back your original investment… guaranteed.For example, if you paid $10 per share or unit and the index goes down relevant to the index on the date the certificate was created (or stays flat), you lose nothing; you simply get your $10 per share back. Assuming the “participation rate” is 100% and the index goes up 50% over the 2-year life of the certificate (for example), you would get 100% of the growth. Since 50% of the $10 investment is $5… and since your participation rate is 100%, you get 100% of that $5. Thus, you would get back $15 for your “zero loss” investment.Advantages of Zero Loss InvestingThe advantages of zero loss investing is pretty obvious… you get 80% to 125% of the growth of the index (or multiple indices) with zero risk of loss of principle. This means you can invest your “sensitive” money such as savings for college, retirement, etc.Since in most cases you can buy these certificates on the market just like an exchange traded fund (ETF), you can structure your investments to mature just before you need it. For example, if your son or daughter is going to start college in 24 months and you will need $15,000 at that time, you could simply invest $15,000 in a Zero Loss investment that matures in 22 months. This way you will receive your original investment plus any growth a couple months before you need it (don’t forget to account for the bills coming due a couple months before the semester starts).Disadvantages of Zero Loss InvestingThe only real disadvantage is you really must plan to hold the investment until it matures to ensure you don’t lose any money. These certificates will float in value based on their underlying index (or indices). If they are up relative to what you paid, you can sell them and take your profits. However, if you need the money and they are currently down, you will only get whatever the current market value is… which can be less than the face value of the shares. On the other hand, if you hold them until they mature, you will at least get back the face value.”Zero Loss” Investments Are Not Really “Zero Risk”… Although They Are Close!Generally speaking, “Zero Loss investments” are considered zero risk, but they do have two types of risk which I will discuss in a moment. First of all, if you invest properly, there is virtually zero risk of losing your principle (i.e., the money you invested). Your principle is guaranteed against loss.The first type of risk, however, is the risk of Guarantor Default… in other words, if the organization guaranteeing your investment goes bankrupt, you could lose money… but in general this risk is very low. In fact, some of these investments are actually guaranteed by the FDIC (the same group that guarantees your bank accounts).The second type of risk, which is always present in all investments, is called “opportunity risk”. Opportunity risk is the risk you incur because you could have invested your money elsewhere and made more money than with the investment you selected.

The Importance of Good Health & Nutrition

Your body is a temple and health nutrition is important for a long life of good quality. Given the ageing population of the planet, with people living longer and longer, it is important to make the best of health diet nutrition to guarantee that your old age isn’t spent with your body connected to machines. If many seniors are over-reliant on medication, it is mainly because of the abuses they put their bodies through in early life.Obesity is also a major problem. Many governments claim that they will have to spend billions in the next few decades fighting the problems that result from their fatter populations.The Benefits of Health Diet NutritionLearning about healthy food is important. With all the latest research telling us that certain foods are bad for us, it is also important to make sure that the nutritional information you are getting is accurate. Often, common sense will tell you what’s bad and what isn’t. Favorites do not have to be avoided entirely. Instead, if you have a sweet tooth, you should try replacing candy with fruit to satisfy your craving for sugar. Maintaining a balanced diet comprising health nutrition foods does not mean you shouldn’t spoil yourself a little once in a while.For optimum health diet nutrition, it is important that you try and maintain a balance between the major food groups in your diet. Consulting a dietician to decide which foods should be eaten and which are best avoided will give you a set of dos and don’ts that you can use as a standard to dictate your diet. For example, foods that contain additives and salt and are overly processed are obviously less healthy than foods that are fresh. Again, let common sense dictate your diet decisions.Getting your Five a DayHealthy food is not always the most palatable, which is one of the reasons why you are unlikely to hear of anyone dying of a broccoli overdose. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that it is the delicious foods that will usually kill you. It’s like a little taste of heaven before you get there! If you don’t feel confident about eating right or if you are surrounded by junk food all the time and feel there’s no alternative, you should go and see a nutritionist. Health nutrition is a nutritionist’s field of expertise and they can set up a program for you that you can stick to.The fact is there are enough good, healthy and delicious foods out there so that eating will still be an enjoyable experience. You can eat all the important foods without craving junk. Indeed, you don’t even have to look at another sprig of broccoli in order to enjoy good health nutrition. Nutritionists will cater to your whims and offer you health diet nutrition choices that are equally delicious but less toxic to your body so you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing too much in order to enjoy a healthy diet.

Nutrition – An Online Educational Opportunity

Today nutrition makes up a huge part of society and a continual focus on being healthy dominates many areas of commercial life. A continual effort from doctors and commercial health push the high benefits of having a balanced nutritional diet. For this reason more online colleges are offering degree distinctions in nutrition. New opportunities to gain an education from an accredited online college are increasingly becoming more prevalent for prospective students.Individuals who have an interest in nutritional health have a wide range of degree programs to choose from that can be obtained online.

Individuals educated in nutrition help their client’s gain the understanding that a person’s health is directly related to what a person puts into their body.
The increased awareness of health related to nutrition has sparked people to completely eliminate trans fat from their diets, and fast food restaurants are now required to put nutritional facts on their food labels.
Nutritionists in a variety of jobs help people understand the link and medical impact of a good or bad nutritional diet. They introduce the facts related to nutrition to help people spark a healthy change in the way they live their life related to food.
Online opportunities provide prospective students with the ability to obtain a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.
Doctorate programs in nutrition are relatively new to online study. However, more colleges are adding this degree distinction because of the popularity of the field.
Most careers if not all require a nutritionist to have gained at least a bachelor’s degree program. A bachelor’s degree usually requires a student to study a variety of areas within the industry. These areas can include food, nutrition, dietetics, and more.
Nutritionists will learn how to help individuals one on one or create a nutritional program for a group of people.
A bachelor’s program in nutrition or holistic nutrition can be earned from a wide range of colleges online.
The general requirement for this degree may require around 120 credit hours. Typically credit hours are broken up into two sections. The sections may require a student to take 60 credit hours of general education and 60 hours or core courses specifically for the degree.
A course that can be taken is nutrition for women. Through this course students will learn the dietary needs of women by examining the vitamins, minerals, and herbs that specifically affect women and their health. The course will dive into the role of essential fats and ideal amounts of vitamins and minerals for women on a daily balanced nutritional diet. Other courses may include detoxification, weight loss, fitness, weight management, and more.
Bachelor’s degree holders in nutrition have more opportunities to gain a higher-level degree from home. Many students go on to gain a master’s degree in human nutrition to not only increase their career options but income as well. Students are typically required to complete around 35 credit hours to graduate a master’s program. Programs at this level help students prepare for their career by helping them understand how to utilize and apply nutritional procedures within the industry.Every degree distinction online prepares students with in depth knowledge on how to help individuals with their nutritional diet. Graduated students will be prepared in a number of ways to be successful within their chosen career. Start your education today by utilizing an accredited online degree in nutrition to help you reach your personal career goals. Accredited programs can give students the quality education they desire by earning accreditation from an agency like the Distance Education and training Council ( and other agencies.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by